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Forsan Groceria has a long history that extends to forty years.


Our story began in 1979 with a specialization in providing the best and finest quality meat, from which Forsan Groceria earned great reputation and confidence from consumers in this field. With the continuous developments of both consumers and market needs over the past years, Forsan Groceria has also coped with these developments, as it evolved over the years to diversify its products range to include a wide variety of selective gourmet groceries, and other premium consumer and luxury-baked goods carefully selected to adhere to the best quality standards.

In addition, Forsan Groceria has implemented an ambitious expansion plan with its branches aimed to reach the largest customer base within Riyadh and more recently stretched its boundaries beyond Riyadh by opening our new branch in Al-Khobar in the Eastern Province. 

Through its long march of development over the years, Forsan Groceria has succeeded in transforming grocery shopping from just a routine necessity to a unique and enjoyable experience.


Forsan Groceria …The Meat Kings!

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We have more than 50 products
From Our Factories!

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